How we are Different Procedures

In house Analysis :

Thoroughly Studying the requirement of the buyer , in other words desired output of the product and identify critical areas, Drafting plans for the Best output

Turning Ideas into Reality

We work to make the ideas in to reality with our comprehensive product development capabilities – Matching creativity with proved development experience and skill set - Drafting and Checking the patterns : Primary - Proto samples are made and checked as per pattern to fix specs and shrinkage - Size sets in all sizes are made and checked before and after wash

Setting Rigorous Compliance Measure

Pre-production meeting conducted at the production factory with their staff with the size sets and the same are sealed - Pilot run are checked operation wise - One Q.C is posted and continuous on-line check is done and the reports are studied by Q.C Manager daily and discussed in the management appraisal meeting conducted on every Monday - Final inspection after completion of total packing.

How we’re Different

In high-pressure, competitive world, the winners are the ones who quickly and consistently master highly specific situations. focuses exclusively on connecting Buyers seeking quality manufacturing unit and Best industrial professionals. Provides you quickly and discreetly with direct access to the best production source: experienced professionals operating in your specific field of interest however niche or specialized it may be. On every assignment, we source, engage, and provide access to the best sources, helping our Buyers to get the best quality product as they desired.

  • We take the quality control burden off the customer by presenting our team members who can actually have the potential to bring the best out from the production unit.
  • Our ability to find the best people sets us apart, strategic decisions when getting the right perspectives can make all the difference.
  • Given the global nature of our business we recognize the need to ensure that this pursuit of excellence is understood by all our team members and that we offer a level of product and service quality that equals or exceeds Buyers expectations.
  • Another important factor is our friendly down-to-earth service, coupled with professionalism and honesty

Why It Works

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead we tailor our service offering to your precise needs. Whether you are big buyer or mid-sized buyer, our team ensures you receive value for your money. And every process is tailored to our customer needs: So is our Service.

Our Format :

Communication with Buyer :

Sourcing and Communicating with Product Merchants to provide best garment delivery based on Capacity.

Custom Report on requirement :

Highly focused report generation on requirement. Providing reports on samples, proto samples, size set samples, preproduction samples, shipment samples and ensuring the completion of task.

Management Introduction :

Identifying the perfect production unit to fulfill the buyer’s requirement. Team Appointment for coordinating with the production unit and to deliver the high quality products in timely manner.

In person Meetings :

Coordinating with in house production unit and developing Time management and Tracking tools to ensure timely delivery of merchandise. Ensuring Smooth flow of production.

In Depth follow up :

Overseeing the Production planning for the factory to ensure to fill the Capacity and re-confirm the garment delivery to the Buyer. Rendering guidance to MQA department, keeping them on toes for delivering the best quality products.